Printing Materials and Publishing Costs
~$20K Annually
Human Resources for Professional Execution
~$24K Annually
Website Support
~$14K Annually
Technology and Equipment Investments
~$12K Annually
Travel Expenses to Bring Programs to Muslims Communities for Little-to-No Cost
~$15K Annually
Young Muslim Professionals Employment
~$50K Annually
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Greenfield Property
$11.5M 60K+ SQ.FT ~59 Acres Greenfield, NC Former Church School Building Auditorium Cafe Land
Future Goals and Endeavors
Owning a Multifaceted Islamic Center
Accredited University – Multimedia Center – Seminar/Lecture Hall Venue
~$11.5M over next 7 years (~$1.5M due to a secure building)
Islamic Online Courses
~$100K over next 3 years (~$50K needed for Start-Up)
Al-Azhar University and University of Madinah Accreditation
~$55K due over next 15 Months
Support Us
Support Us
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Wakefield Property
~$8.5M 62K+ SQ.FT ~8 Acres Wakefield, NC Former College Studio, Call Center, Gym