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  • Begins 9/30

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Beyond Hifdh – 1 Ijaazah upon completion

*** Course Description ***

Join Al-Hirz Insitute’s well-renowned Beyond Hifdh Program!

This semester, students are learning about death, the hereafter, and signs of the end-times.

Beyond memorizing the Qur’an and attending classes, we empower the youth to soften their hearts and carry Islam with them in their daily lives.

We also offer a special “Suhbah Session” where students can make new friends and have a good time in a blessed company.

Classes take place the first two Saturdays of each month from 4 – 6 PM CST. The Suhbah Session is on the first Friday of each month. 



  • None


  • On-Site with Suhbah Sessions (currently brothers only; sisters option will be available soon): $25/month
  • Online with Recorded Lectures: $50/month


  • Signs of the End Times and Journey of the Soul (Death and Hereafter)
  • Review of Summer Da’wah Sessions



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Tuition Fee:

On-Site: $50, Recorded Sessions: $40