Qur’an Effortlessly Memorized

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Qur’an Effortlessly Memorized

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Qur’an Effortlessly Memorized

Online (2 Juz of Qur’an with Shaykh Okasha Kameny)

Al-Hirz Institute is happy to present an easy, go at your own pace, Qur’an Memorization Program that you can take from the comfort of your own home! Many of us want to memorize Qur’an but do not know where to start. Just as every house needs a foundation, the same applies to Hifdh.
Students will get to follow along with Shaykh Okasha’s recitation and submit recitations weekly as they slowly learn the principles and strategies of memorization at an easy pace.
Suratu An-Nas to Mujadalah is the foundation of the Qur’an. If it is memorized properly, the rest will be easy in shaa Allaah. If it is not properly memorized, it becomes very difficult to retain the Qur’an.
Allah made The Prophet Muhammad the first Haafidh over the course of 23 years by revealing aayaat slowly – we also apply the same methodology to produce strong memorizers of Qur’an!
  • Basic level of tajweed
  • Basic level of Quran reading
  • minimum of 90 mins a day for memorization
  • WhatsApp for Recitation submission
Learning Objectives:
Memorization of Juz Amma and Juz Tabarak with extremely sharp retention and proper recitation in 8 months or less in shaa Allaah (at your own pace).


  • Basic level of Tajweed

  • Basic level of Qur’an reading

  • Minimum of 90 mins a day for memorization

  • WhatsApp for Recitation submission