Tahseen Course – Mastery of the Qur’an

This is the course for students who have memorized the entire Qur’an, parts of it, or simply want to perfect its recitation.

The program starts on July 8th, 2022 in shaa Allaah.

Join our esteemed Shaykh Okasha Kameny as he breaks down the Science of Qira’at. Students will learn and memorize the lines of Ash-Shatibiyyah.

Students will have the opportunity of learning the intricacies of the science, and obtain ijazah based on what they put forward in memorization and recitation.

Prerequisite: Khuluqun Adheem

Tuition: 250 per month

Duration: 6 months

  • Please check your email, a unique reference is provided in it after form submission.
  • If you want to provide additional information such as cancellation of student registration if registering for multiple courses or multiple students.

Ijazah in Qur’an (any Riwayah) by Shaykh Okasha Kameny
– Ijazah based on memorization or recitation.
– Classes from Fri through Sunday via zoom.
Starting July 8, 2022.
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM CST Friday
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM CST Sat and Sun
– Each student will need to memorize lines of Ash Shatibiyyah, depending on the Riwayah of expertise.
– The target is for every student to read one Juz to the Shaykh every weekend.
– All students will be tested by Shaykh Okasha (on hifdh) in shaa Allaah before the start of the program – to determine their strengths and areas of opportunities.
– Class size is limited
– For brothers and sisters