Where can I find the full Qur'an of Shaykh Okasha Kameny?

It requires an immense amount of time and resources to have a professionally recorded, digitally remastered and edited recording of the Qur’an. There are recording fees, editing fees. With your donations and support, we can work to provide the full Qur’an in all the 20 different modes of Qira’aat, Insha’ Allah

I want to know more about your classes and institution. Where do I find this information?

Detailed information can be found on our website. Please check the respective tabs. You can also check our YouTube Channel for any updates we upload about AHI.

I live in another country and want to attend Al Hirz's classes. How can I join?

Al-Hirz Institute (AHI) does not have any student visa options available for people outside the US to attend. We currently offer online live-streamed classes, and announcements for when they are available will be on the website.

Can I have Shaykh Okasha Kameny's personal contact?

Due to safety reasons, we do not share private information of any AHI instructor with anyone. If you have Islamic questions, please refer them to your local imams/scholars/Islamic teachers. In the future, we hope to have Q&A available for our subscribers. Details will be announced on the website when available.

How can I have Al Hirz Institute and Shaykh Okasha Kameny visit my community?

Please see the event form on the Contact Us page for scheduling events. That form is for organizers in a community to secure all of the logistics for any event anywhere in the world. Keep in mind the schedule for travel and events is booked at least 6 months in advance.

What is the honorarium to have Al Hirz Institute or Shaykh Okasha Kameny come visit?

Shaykh Okasha Kameny and none of our esteemed Instructors charge an honorarium for visits. All of the budget for visits goes directly to Al Hirz Institute so that our Non-profit organization can continue to offer Islamic Education at affordable costs and media via our YouTube channel.

What if I cannot afford classes?

Just as it is meritorious and praiseworthy to donate to a masjid’s expenses, it is even more praiseworthy to sponsor a student of knowledge’s path of learning. We encourage those who are following us to sponsor students.

Why don't you offer classes for free?

Everything our institution requires to operate has costs and expenses – from the website to recording and editing for YouTube, Qur’an recordings, even class materials and much more. As a Non-Profit Organization, we rely solely on donations and services to continue to operate. Instead of actively fundraising and depleting resources from a community, we offer affordable services to cover our expenses and rely upon these to maintain our offerings.

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