Islamic School Curricula and Programs

Our Institution is dedicated to the development of Muslim Communities through exposure to the highest degree of Islamic Education. In a time where Islamic Schools at all levels (weekend, full-time, or online) have limited access to Shuyukh and Knowledge to replenish their curriculum for the betterment of their students, Al-Hirz Institute’s Islamic Outreach Program (IOP) strives to provide the access necessary to truly educate and enlighten the Muslim Youth. Through our representation of Islamic Scholars, Al-Hirz Institute endeavors to utilize the knowledge Allah has blessed them to the highest degree. Our association with INK TV allows us the platform to promote your school locally and beyond: It is our sincerest aim to provide th the best resources to allow Islamic Schools to thrive as much as, and even more so than, their contemporary counterparts. Al-Hirz exists to raise the level of knowledge amongst the Muslims in America and abroad – With the guidance of The Qur’an and Sunnah along with the understanding of Salafi’l-Ummah, we hope to provide light in these dark times and elevate the level of knowledge of the Ummah, with the permission of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall. Please review our Islamic School Outreach Form for more info on our Methodology, Courses, and Islamic School Aid options!

Islamic School Aid Options

Along with Course Curriculums for Schools, Al-Hirz Institute also provides a plethora of Islamic School Aid, tailored to the needs of your students and staff

Al-Hirz provides Certified Islamic Curriculum to enhance education

1.    Blueprint and Guide for:

Established Islamic Academies

Weekend/Sunday Schools

 Qur’an/Ahadith/Matun Schools of Memorization

 Arabic School Program (Fus’ha/Conversational/Qur’anic)

2.    Al-Hirz Leadership Academy (AHLA)

An elite program for the overachieving students with untapped potential!

Focuses on “True Hifdh”

Helps with Public Speaking and Community Service

Provides invaluable leadership skills for Youth who meet the criterion for this exclusive program

3.    Multiple Ijazat Program for Educators and/or Students [MVP Option]

4.    Leadership/Teacher Consultation [MVP Option]

Teacher Workshops

 Consultation on Islamic Education

5.    Guest Speaker for Pre-Existing School [MVP Option]

6.    Youth Director

Provides lectures to specific classes and/or general body

Coordinates with School on Extracurricular Activities/Coordinator for Field-Trips or Special Events

 Keynote Speaker for School Events

7.   School Fundraising

Multiple Visitation Packages = (MVP)

Al-Hirz Institute provides a scholar representative for a specific number visits on specified dates and agreed upon honorarium, for any selected options

INK TV Promotion

INKTV is a media platform that reveals the beauty and holistic benefits of religion and spirituality.INKTV organizes numerous events nationally and internationally every year to supplement its online presence. INKTV serves people all over the world in multiple languages

·  Al-Hirz Institute in collaboration with INK TV ( provides a social media platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to showcase events/lectures/programs that take place at your school

·  INK TV can create a social media platform for your school to utilize autonomously

·  INK TV provides professional videography and photography for school functions that can be used by your academy for promotional purposes