Winter 2020 Khuluqun Adheem

Winter 2020 Khuluqun ‘Adheem Program

Khuluqun Adheem a 6-weekend program that teaches the Sublime Character of our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. That character is what is missing in the lives of most people. Hence turmoil and conflicts in homes, communities, and the world.
It is a practical course that promises to change you for the better. It is scheduled to accommodate adults who are ordinarily unable to attend courses during school hours. It is not a lecture series.
We at Al Hirz Institute have focused only on students ages 25 and below in the last few years, alhamdulillah. Going by what is happening around us, it is now time for parents or adults 25+ to improve their own character as well. With the permission of Allaah, no student shall remain the same after attending this course. Give yourself a chance!

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