Masjid Programs

Through the Shaykh’s nearly 10 years of experience as an Imam and Educator, Allah has equipped him with a high capacity for counselling married couples and families, as well as providing counsel to community leaders who often expend so much building and advancing the community, that they lose the chance to rebuild and advance themselves. Imam Okasha also has an uncanny way of connecting with the youth of all ages and at all levels; from the memorizers of Qur’an and Students of Knowledge, to those who are troubled and on the brink of faith. With the gifts and experience that Allah has granted him, it is his utmost desire to exert himself in sharing all of this with your community with the hope that Allah makes these programs a means of securing knowledge and unity in your community for the near and distant future.

Weekend Program Outlooks

2-Day Program*



·  Jumu’ah Khutbah*

·  Coordinator/Leadership Meeting

·  Special Friday Night Program


*Jumu’ah Khutbah Only Option

2-Day Program*



·  Post-Fajr Program

·  Sisters’ Halaqa (Dhuhr-’Asr)

·  Saturday Night Program

·  Sunday Post-Fajr Talk

3-Day Program*


·  Saturday Night Post-’Isha Q&A

·  Sunday Post-Fajr Program

·  Additional Coordinators/Leadership Meeting

·  Family/Youth/Leadership Halaqa (Dhuhr-’Asr)

·  Sunday Night Program

·  Post-’Isha Talk

All Weekend Programs Include:

Jumu’ah Khutbah, Leading Maghrib & ‘Isha, as well as Fajr for Weekend Programs

Friday/Sunday Meeting with Coordinators/Leadership

*Multiple Visitation Packages (MVP)  available for a more consistent and affordable option!

*Contracted Youth Director Available

Topics and Content

·  Modern-Day Crises and Timeless Solutions

·  Islam and America

·  An Explicit Guide to Effective Da’wah

· The Advice of Luqman and the Invitation of Nuh
· The Wing of Mercy

· The Obedience of Ibrahim

·  Biographies of the Unknown Heavyweights

·  Usool Ad-Deen 101

·  Imam Ash-Shatibi and the 10 Qira’at

·  Health is Wealth: Prophetic Medicine 101

·  The Barzakh Diploma and Ph.D of the Hereafter

·  The Grave Income!

·  The Miraculous Qur’an: The Nectorious Message

·  The Easiest Path to Jannah: The Merits of Knowledge

Additional Masjid Programs

·  Jumu’ah Khutbah

·  Coordinator Meeting

·  Sessions:

·  Sat. and/or Sun. 930am-6pm

Al-Hirz provides tickets, fliers, and material for a marketing event


Types Include:

·  Marital

·  Family

·  Youth

·  Leadership/Educators

Group and/or Private Sessions Optional

Travel/Lodging Costs Separate

·  Choose from Al-Hirz Event Options

·  Coordinate Community Specific Event

Al-Hirz provides tickets, fliers, and material for marketing event(*optional)


Event Times:

·  Fri: 6-10pm

·  Sat: 10am-6pm or 1-9pm

·  Sun: 10am-5pm

Sessions over 4 hours include 1 hour break

Event Options made available upon inquiry/selection

Travel/Lodging Costs Separate

Al-Hirz provides Shaykh Okasha as a Keynote Speaker for venue’s selected function. Al-Hirz provides tickets, fliers, and materials for a fundraiser.

Honorarium Options:

Fee adjustment based on Fundraising Benchmarks

Fee and Percentage of Funds Raised

Travel/Lodging Costs Separate

Shaykh ‘Okasha provides a new connection to the Qur’an by leading ‘Isha, Fajr, and Taraweeh with the 10 Qira’at of Qur’an. Post-Fajr Khatirat is given during duration of the visit.

For more details, please Contact Al-Hirz Institute’s Outreach Initiative. Due to the number of requests for this, do not delay! The Shaykh’s schedule fills quickly for this month.

Text: 619-413-7746

Provide Khutub covering modern day issues through the lens of Qur’an, Sunnah, and Understanding of our Righteous Predecessors

Give Weekend Programs that teach Islamic Sciences as well as Inspirational Khatiraat that empower the community

Fundraising for Community Needs

Providing Reciters for Taraweeh

Giving Islamic Counseling for Families and Youth