MSA Programs

The youth are the most integral part of our future. By providing seminars to MSAs free of any preexisting costs to their organization, it is our sincerest desire to provide an educational experience, as well as revenue for future MSA projects. Al-Hirz Institute seeks to give the MSAs and their respective communities the means to a high-quality educational experience and access to authentic Islamic Knowledge.

MSA Programs & Seminars

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(Multiple Visitation Package)

·  Al-Hirz offers both intensive and inspirational 3-day seminars for MSAs

·  Create MSAs and help Coordination of Youth in your community

·  Provide MSA-specific Event Options

·  Al-Hirz provides a __% donation of all registration fees

·  Al-Hirz provides Seminar Booklets and Presentation

·  MSA can choose from an array of topics for seminar

·  There is no Travel/Lodging Cost for MSA Seminars

·  Al-Hirz coordinates for Seminar Promotion in an area with tickets, fliers, and registration online

·  MSA has an option of involvement level in the actualization of Seminar

Seminar Topic Options

·  Arabic Ridiculously Simplified – Learn to Read & Write Arabic in 3 Days

·  ‘Aqeedah Ridiculously Simplified – Understanding the Key to Salvation

·  Amthal Al-Qur’an: The Wisdom of Al-Qur’an’s 43 Examples

·  ‘Ilm Al-Fara’id – The Lost Knowledge of Inheritance

·  The Barazkh Diploma and The PhD of The Hereafter

·  “Ilm Al-Qira’at: Exploration of the 10 Recitation Forms of Al-Qur’an

·  Biographies of The Unknown Heavyweights

·  The Explicit and Effective Guide to Da’wah

·  The Nectorious Message: An Introduction to all 114 Chapters of Al-Qur’an

·  The Mercy to Mankind – Getting to Know Prophet Muhammad*

·  Ulum Al-Qur’an: A Wondrous Guide to Allah’s Speech

·  The Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge 101

·  Musallath Qutrub

·  Tranquility, Love, and Mercy: The Guide to the Perfect Union

·  Fiqh Made Easy

·  Mustalah Al-Hadith 101

·  Shurut As-Saa’ and The Last Day in Focus


More Seminar Topics and Details Made Available Upon Request

  • Give Seminars that provide solid Islamic Knowledge to the Young Adults who will take the reigns of our communities after we pass on

  • Provide Funding to MSAs through Seminars

  • Give MSAs Access to credible Islamic Scholars to help counsel them through the issues they faith

  • Inspire love for Islam and cultivate an Islamic Identity for a demographic prone to leaving the Deen