Shaykh Khalid Yasin

Founder and President of “The Purpose of Life Foundation” (“SKY Purpose”)

In Spring of 2017, we secured a merger with world-renowned Scholar and Da’ee, Shaykh Khalid Yasin – The Founder and President of The Purpose of Life Foundation. This organization has national and international multimedia presence and has been a part of tens of thousands of people becoming Muslims from the US to Australia. Aiding Al-Hirz Institute is also aiding the continuation of Shaykh Khalid Yasin’s 50+ years of service to Muslims and Non-Muslims around the world.

Sky Purpose

Purpose of Life Foundation exists to

  • To remove misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

  • To motivate Muslims to implement the principles Which provide them with social, political and religious empowerment.

  • Collaborate with other entities in the community so that non-Muslims can appreciate the innate qualities and principles of Islam.

Collaboration with Al-Hirz Institute

  • Providing Necessary Social Skills and Leadership Training for Youth in America

  • Aiding in Educating Youth on the Value of Islamic Identity

  • Invaluable Da’wah Training and Practical Application of Islamic Principles

  • Addressing Modern Day Events collectively and collaborating on International Multimedia and Scholastic Endeavors


International network of knowledge

INK TV is a media platform that reveals the beauty and holistic benefits of religion and spirituality. The platform also offers viewers an opportunity to send questions directly to scholars and dignitaries. INK TV serves people all over the world in multiple languages in an effort to bridge the gap of ignorance and increase understanding, patience, tolerance, and love between faiths.

  • Reaches the Ummah and our Youth Where They Are: Social Media
  • Embraces the Global Multimedia Platform
  • Provides Sermons, Lectures, Reminders, Q&A, Qur’an Recitations, and more
  • Provides multimedia services to Islamic Schools, Masajid, and MSAs

Masajid and Organizations

We Have Worked With

Islamic Association of Raleigh

Raleigh, NC

Jamat Ibad Ar-Rahman Masjid

Durham, NC

Masjid Al-Wasatiyah wal Itidaal

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Al Minhaal Academy

South Plainfield, New Jersey

An Noor Qur'an Academy

Raleigh, NC

Shaykh Okasha Kameny and his team have visited and provided Islamic Services for dozens of Masaajid and Islamic Schools in the US and abroad over the last 15 years