Ramadan Taraweeh

As Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Al-Hirz Institution is honored to discuss the prospect of being in your community this Ramadan. This is such a blessed month and we seek to bring the light of the Qur’an to your masjid in a new and inspirational way. Our beloved and esteemed Shaykh, Okasha Kameny, has been blessed by Allah to have superior memorization of Al-Qur’an; as well as ijazah in each of the 10 Qira’at, in-depth knowledge of multiple collections of tafsir, and mastery of the Arabic language. With the gifts and experience that Allah has granted him, it is his utmost desire to exert himself in sharing this knowledge with your community with the hope that Allah makes these programs a means of securing knowledge and unity in your masjid for the near, and distant, future.

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Have Shaykh Okasha Kameny or any of our experienced Huffaadh come to your community to lead Salatu Taraweeh!

Imams Provided By Al-Hirz Institute have Ijazah in at least One Qira’ah as well as Powerful Memorization of Qur’an to provide a fluid, smooth recitation throughout Ramadan

Post-Fajr/’Isha Khatirah


  • During weekdays the talk will not exceed 20 Minutes
  • On Weekends, time can be extended to 60 Minutes
  • Coordination Protocols Apply
  • Exclusive to Shaykh Okasha Kameny but available upon request for other Huffaadh


Jumu’ah Khutub or Evening Programs during stay Optional upon further discussion, but not included with this package

Topic Options


  • Amthal of Al-Qur’an
  • The Month of Change – Starting Anew in Ramadan
  • The Emergency Room (Ramadan Series)
  • ‘Ilm Al-Qira’at
  • Tanzil: The Revelation of Al-Qur’an
  • Attaining Taqwa: Acquiring and Maintaining Piety in Ramadan and Beyond
  • The Nectorious Message: Understanding the 114 Suwar of Qur’an
  • An-Nabi and As-Sahabah in Ramadan


More Topics Made Available Upon Request

If Venue wants Specific Topic, Please Forward Details to AHI Contact  (e.g., Title, Content Covered, etc.)

Event Request Form

We are honoured to hear your community is interested in having Al-Hirz Insitute visit your community! AHI handles all of the logistics for all events/requests for visitations; we strive to handle scheduling and planning visitations with expediency and professionalism. So that we can fast-track the details of a visit/event inshaaAllah, please answer the following questions: