Summer Arabic Course

June 15 to July 16; 10 AM to 1 PM CST via Zoom

Prerequisites for Arabic Course

  • Ability to read Arabic adequately

  • Enrollment in or completion of Khuluqun ‘Adheem


  • For beginner to intermediate levels
  • Book: Arabic Ridiculously Simplified by Shaykh Okasha Kameny
  • 80-90% instruction in classical Arabic; English used only when absolutely necessary
  • 2 days per lesson
  • Student must complete daily assignments and follow instructions to succeed
  • Each lesson so thorough, each student will be able to teach it in shaa Allaah.
  • Combination of traditional and modern methods of teaching
  • Will speak Arabic in 5 weeks in shaa Allaah


  • Arabic only – $450 

  • Khuluqun Adheem – $250

  • Arabic + Khuluqun Adheem – $600 (save $100)

Important notice

Students must be 9+ years old to enroll
Payment covers the entire summer
Arabic and Khuluqun Adheem will be taught one after the other.
Students who make full payment by June 5th, 2020, will be given priority admission.

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